The first time to ride the electric skateboard -Yecoo XJ electric skateboard

My name is George, 178MM in height and 82KG in weight. This time, as an ordinary small white users, to talk about the use of Yecoo XJ skateboard electric car experience.

1.start, acceleration, brake, all need to go through more than half an hour of practice to slowly grasp, the principle is slow, otherwise it is easy to fall down. The best foot position is above the wheels of the skateboard (don't step on the front and rear end near the outer rim!). , according to their habits, can take the right foot (or left foot) in front of the posture, fingers slowly push the remote control button forward, the center of gravity slightly forward, knee can be slightly bent, slowly start.

2. After half an hour of practice, I was able to keep a low speed and steady progress. My personal average speed was 5-10km/h, and the fastest speed was 15km/h.When braking, push the remote button back slowly, slowly. There is a safety belt to take you back to the emergency brake of the car, but there is no skateboard, so be slow and steady.

3. The top speed is 40km/h. As a qualified crowd evaluator, my favorite hobby is to risk my life to test this top speed.

4. Battery life: the battery life in the pro test was completely turned off, 25km+, and the maximum battery life given by the manufacturer was 30km, which may have something to do with my weight.

5. The remote control of the skateboard can switch three speed modes: Low, Middle and High. I always use Low mode. Middle, High mode start, acceleration, top speed are too fast, as a Boy with skateboard foundation, but also feel very, very scary (dangerous).

On the question of whether the front drive of skateboard or the back drive, in fact, only the two wheels on the motor side of the skateboard can roll. What the remote control changes is the direction of the wheel rotation of the skateboard, thus indirectly forming the "effect" that the skateboard can be converted from the back drive to the front drive.

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