Remote Controller


For: Yecoo GT3/MT/GTS

Yecoo GT3/MT/GTS
Yecoo GTS/GT
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The remote is an improved controller with finer control of both acceleration and braking. Its new thumbwheel allows you to make small speed adjustments or mark acceleration depending on your needs. 

In addition, the new LED screen that you always know your speed mode and charge level. The brake can be remotely reconfigured by pressing different speed modes to adjust the brake soft or strong while pulling the throttle back fully. 

Low speed is soft braking setting, high speed is forced action, medium speed is normal braking, we strongly recommend. There is a 4-gears (low/medium/high/pro) and Reverse-direction button.

But we can't 100% ensure compatibility with other vendors' ESC work due to differences in the firmware and hardware of the receiver and transport protocol.


This remote control includes 3 speeds


Low mode

Up to 3.1 mph(5km/h)

Middle mode

Up to 15.5 mph(25km/h)

High mode

Up to 26.7 mph(43km/h)

 Pro mode

Up to 26.7 mph(43km/h) - (Faster acceleration)


Charging time:15-20 minutes

Time of use: 2 to 3 weeks on a full charge, or 12 to 15 rides on the board battery.

Charging connector: USB (phone charger USB cable available)