yecoo electric skateboard 90mm wheel
yecoo board belt wheel

Yecoo Board

PU Wheels (2pcs)

Style:Front Wheel

PU Wheels (2pcs) is replaceable 90mm 82A PU wheels. These wheels will give you insane grip when riding for higher speeds 25 mph. 90mm PU Wheels are compact and lightweight. 

Perfect for your mini cruiser or longboard decks.They are extremely grippy designed to stick to the ground when traveling at higher speeds. 


Wheel details

90mm diameter and 52mm width, 82A super wear-resistant polyurethane.

Size: 90 mm x52mm

Hardness of polyurethane: 82

Unit weight: 130g/set

PU dimension: inside diameter: 56mm, outside diameter :90mm

Width: 52 mm wide

Thickness:10 mm



2 front wheels or 2 drive wheels