How to pick a skateboard?

How to pick a skateboard?

When choosing a skateboard, you can consider the following factors to ensure that you choose the right skateboard for your needs and skill level:

1.Skateboard Type:

  • Street skateboarding: suitable for doing tricks and tricks.
  • Longboard: suitable for long distance riding and high-speed coasting.
  • Scooters: between street skateboards and longboards, suitable for urban travel.

2.Skateboard size:

  • Width: Different skateboard widths are suitable for different purposes. Narrower boards are suitable for skill and variety, while wider boards offer better stability and are suitable for beginners and long rides.
  • Length: Length also affects stability and handling. Shorter boards are more flexible and suitable for skill, while longer boards are more stable and suitable for beginners and long distance riding.

3.Skateboard plate:

  • Maple: The most common material, light and strong.
  • Bamboo: Provides a more flexible feel, suitable for longboards and scooters.

4.Skateboard wheels:

  • Size: Larger wheels are more suitable for longboards and scooters, while smaller wheels are suitable for street skateboards.
  • Hardness: The harder wheels are suitable for smooth surfaces and high-speed coasting, while the softer wheels are suitable for uneven roads and tricks.

5.Slide shaft:

  • Shaft width: Matches the width of the skateboard to ensure stability.
  • Axle material: Aluminum alloy axle is usually light and strong.

6.Brand and Quality:

  • Choose well-known brands, which usually have better quality assurance.
  • Read reviews and reviews to learn about the experiences of other skaters.

7.Personal Skill level:

  • Beginners may need a board that is more stable and easy to control, while experienced skaters may prefer a more challenging board.
When choosing a skateboard, it is best to go to the local skateboard shop to try out a ride and feel the difference between different skateboards in order to choose the one that is best for you.