Our story

Johnson is a skateboard amateur, He often takes part in some skateboard club activities and makes many friends with skateboarders.

One day, Johnson saw an electric skateboard-making video on a Chinese video website. Equipped with lithium battery, motor and controller, the traditional skateboard has become an electric skateboard with power control.

Johnson thought the video was interesting, then he shared it with Mike, a master of skateboard club. Mike also thought it was a good idea to commercialize the electric skateboard and bring new vitality to the traditional skateboard market. In the end, they decided to set up a company dedicated to the production of electric skateboard.

This is our skateboard - YECOO BOARDS


Our target

Our goal is to provide you with the world’s highest quality, most advanced scooter which can bring you unparalleled joy of skateboarding.

In order to guarantee product quality, YECOO keeps in close contact with all suppliers, visits the factory at any time to learn about production details and check product quality.

Before each product of YECOO is shipped from the factory, it must be inspected by professional equipment. The delicate inspection is the key to ensure product quality. All products of YECOO adopt advanced materials and favorable manufacturing process to guarantee the performance and durability of products.



YECOO Founder

YECOO CEO: Johnson

As an IT director in a Chinese listed company, Johnson has accumulated rich experience in product design and operation during his work. Johnson is such an inquisitive and rigorous person, as well as a perfectionist. Thanks to his personality of pursuing perfection in everything, his products are of high quality.