Most of our countries are free of shipping. When you place an order, it will show whether you need to pay for shipping.

You are purchasing accessories, we are qualified to waive the purchase quantity of postage. Please see the product description for details.

The arrival time of goods in each country is as follows:

United states:          Fast Shipping: 10-20 days.(Standard Shipping: 25-35 days)
Europe:                    Fast Shipping: 20-25 days.(Standard Shipping: 25-50 days)
Canada:                   15-25 days.
Australia:                10-13 days.
Western Australia: 13-17 days.
South Korea:           5-7 days.
Japan:      Standard 5-7 days in.
Taiwan:                    5-7 days.
Singapore:              5-7 days.
West Malaysia:       5-7 days
East Malaysia:        7-10 days.
Vietnam:                  7-10 days