Please use the Yecoo Board and read the following notes first.

Protect yourself is the first. To ensure that you don’t become an afterthought, make safety your first thought with these safety tips.

1. The electric skateboard is as potentially dangerous as the ordinary skateboard. In the use of the electric skateboard, the occupant may fall off balance, resulting in the death of the injured person. Please estimate the risk when using, and know how to turn and brake in advance. Do not use skateboards on dangerous roads.

2. Please wear protective equipment when using.

3. If the slope is more than 25%, please visually measure the slope first, and pay attention to control the speed, especially the downhill section is very dangerous, please pay attention to safety.

4. Do not use the skateboard at night or in poor visibility to avoid accidents.

5. Please pay attention when using the skateboard. Do not use mobile phones or other objects that cause distraction.

6. Please check whether the laces are tied before using the skateboard. Avoid the risk of entanglement.

7. Young children must use a skateboard under adult supervision or keep it out of reach.

8. Please observe local traffic laws and regulations, and use the roads where skateboarding is allowed.

9. The skateboard is waterproof to some extent, but does not have the performance of soaking in water.Please pay attention to waterproof during use, because the damage of electronic components caused by improper use is not within the warranty scope.