Yecoo Electric Skateboards 2S Review,Perfect experience!

Yecoo Electric Skateboards 2S Review,Perfect experience!

       I saw on the Internet that yecoo was looking for someone to help them experience their skateboard and had the chance to get a $459 skateboard as a gift from them, which really touched my heart. I just left a message on their fb to sign up!

Didn't expect really picked me, when customer service (Mark) to contact me, I was very surprised, it is totally beyond my expectation. I had no experience of skateboard cycling, also just seen video players ultimate cycling. I told him that I had never played skateboarding before, but I'm very interested in skateboard. I think he will refuse to me, didn't expect him to direct agreed, but need I published some experience about the skateboard.
I agreed and left my contact information for mark, and the next step is to wait for the delivery. Of course, I am also looking forward to it very much!

     I thought I would have to wait more than a month to get the skateboard, but I got it a week later. YECOO Efficiency is very high!
Open the packing,at first sight, the skateboard looks very smooth and beautiful.This skateboard is what I need.Then I realized that I forgot to ask mark what kind of skateboard he had. I was going to buy one for my brother as a gift.Fortunately, they also provided instructions.
The instruction is very detailed, I roughly browse once, forgive me for being lazy, I am very anxious to find a place to play skateboard.

       On the road I found the skateboard wouldn't start and I will not control the skateboard!Then I got a call from mark, who asked me to have a close look at the starting mode of the skateboard and the instructions on how to control the skateboard riding.
Well, I read it again.Wow ha, the result is that the skateboard will discharge the battery when it is packaged and transported. The skateboard needs to be charged first!

      The charge took 2.5 hours, after which I experienced a novice skateboarding.When I first tried riding on it my legs were shaking uncontrollably.Haha, maybe my balance is very bad.I tried a few times and felt so nervous that when I started riding my skateboard my posture was all askew.
Slowly I found the feeling, I can only go straight to learn to turn, cycling speed is also slowly accelerated.This is when I noticed that the remote control of the skateboard has a gear on it, with high, medium and low speed. I always use the low-speed gear, which is really embarrassing. I thought the speed of the electric skateboard could only be so fast (about 9 miles per hour).
After one day's experience, I found that electric skateboard is really a convenient cycling tool, and it is very easy for beginners to learn.

       After experiencing the game, I wanted to send some of my ideas and experiences to Mark. I found their official website and contacted Mark. Mark asked me directly how I felt, about the shortcomings of skateboarding that they could improve, and how did the parameters compare with the actual situation? I find I haven't fully experienced yecoo's skateboard yet!
I quickly visited the official website of yecoo, found the same model (2s) as the skateboard I received, and read the product parameters of 2s.It took me about 3 days to finally finish all the tests. According to the advice from mark, I tested the climbing, the maximum speed and the maximum range, as well as some routine experiences.
I own weight (155 lb), Hill Climbing: about up to 30% Speed will be down, Speed changed little when up to 20%. Top Speed: reached nearly 16 MPH. Max Range: I test for 2 days, respectively is 16.5 Miles and 15.2 Miles, why the difference is different I guess because I walk two lines, one of the road difficult to ride.Other tests I also tried the flexibility of the board, this is completely no problem.
The motor feels like a whirlpool engine,it's very powerful.The disadvantage is that the wheels will leave many scratches on the uneven road surface.Due to the high torque when turning, if the ground is uneven and it is easy to fall, it is suggested to reduce the speed when turning (later I saw in the manual that the torque of the skateboard can be controlled by adjusting the tightness of screws).
     After that, I sent my Suggestions and data to mark, they were satisfied with my test, and the test result was within the normal range. I sent my Suggestions and data to mark, they were satisfied with my test, and the test result was within the normal range, explaining why the data should be collected, because people's weight is different, so the riding feeling and result will be different. The heavier the weight is, the lower the result value will be.
In terms of materials, the conventional tire leather is relatively elastic, which can reduce the vibration experience on the riding feet.As for the pedal skateboard, they have optimized their experience and tested and compared the material selection. The skateboard is also easy to disassemble and can be easily replaced by hand if the accessories are damaged.
After that, I rode my skateboard to play almost every day, and I thought I could not live without it. It was 10 minutes' walk to the subway station, so I could ride my skateboard to go out.

I also gradually mastered some skills of skateboarding:

1.Start with your knees slightly bent and your body tilting forward to maintain your center of gravity and balance.

2. Be sure to grasp the remote control when the speed is very fast, or you will be very easy to mess up.

3. The greater the slant Angle of the board, the easier it is to turn. Please pay special attention not to sway from side to side when turning, which may cause wrestling or injury.

4. Passing the road uneven or concave place knee slightly bent to achieve shock absorption.

5. The familiarity of the remote control is very important, as long as you learn to control the remote control is not a problem.

This is a very good experience of skateboarding!!!


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