Four Options for You - This is Your Best Vehicle

Four Options for You - This is Your Best Vehicle

Wasting a lot of time on waiting for the public transportation? Walking for so long to arrive the destinations? Wanna be FAST but also COOL on the road? To pick a skateboard is absolutely your wise choice. An electric skateboard can actually be defined as a personal transporter, which is primarily based on a skating board. Since it is electric or motorized, weight sensor controls or handheld throttle are used in controlling its speed. Tilt the board to one side and you can easily make adjustments on the travel direction. Yecoo has made the cities smaller and made every destination attainable. With your Yecoo board, there is no more time to waste and your trip is just getting FASTER and SAFER. Yecoo’s goal is to provide you with the world’s highest quality, most advanced scooter which can bring you unparalleled joy of skateboarding. On the basis of low price and guaranteed quality, YECOO have made electric skateboards suitable for everyone in the process of innovating and making a variety of products. From beginners to experts, each of our four models is designed to excel in different environments and satisfy different people’s needs.

Products Deck Material Battery MaxSpeed (mph) Max Range (miles) Hill Climbing Max Load (lbs.) Power (Watts) weight (lbs.
Yecoo 2S 5 layers of maple and 2 layers of bamboo (up and down) 8800mAh  18 18 20%~25% 220 450*2 15(6. 8kg)
Yecoo XJ 8 layers of maple 6600mAh 25 20 25%~30% 264 600*2 18(8. 5kg)
Yecoo GT 8 layers of maple and baking varnish 8800mAh 22 18 20%~30% 330 2000 19. 62(8. 9kg)
Yecoo GTS 8 layers of maple and baking varnish 8800mAh 25 20 20%~30% 330 19. 62(8. 9kg 19. 62(8. 9kg)

1. Yecoo 2S Electric Skateboard

Yecoo 2S is our classic style and the most popular skateboard, which is one of the skateboards we have been improving the performance. The launch of 2S has been well received. 2S has two performance options: Dual Hub Drive or Dual Belt Drive. Dual drive brings greater power, meanwhile, dual belt drive has better torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio, and stronger power than dual hub drive.


The battery box and the controller box are set separately to avoid heat conduction, so the safety is higher. The controller box is specially equipped with a heat dissipation hole and 5MM thick aluminum heat sink. The heat dissipation effect is better.

The deck of Yecoo 2S is made from 5 layers maple and 2 layers bamboo from up and down, which can enhance flexibility and high compressive strength.

Removable motor wheel can be worn and replaced with "PU" coat. Fully customized grinding wheel can enhance the grip. 90mm diameter high elastic PU wheel is comfortable and antiseismic, furthermore, high speed shock absorption is better and more stable in state.

The max range of Yecoo 2S is 18 miles and the top speed reaches 18mph, with which it can handle even the densest roads, so it is very suitable for a beginner. The board’s 18mph top speed delivers a perfectly-legal thrill on any city street and is equally at home on larger campuses, making it the most versatile of our new lineup.

YECOO 2S use the ESC, the most popular technology in the electric skateboarding industry. After years of technical precipitation, ESC has become the industry's leading motor control algorithm. With Electromagnetic drive and high precision motor control algorithm, you will have super comfortable riding experience.

2. Yecoo XJ Electric Skateboard

Yecoo XJ is a version we upgraded based on Yecoo X1, which is more detail-oriented and brings better riding experience due to the upgraded more powerful motors.

The deck is made from 8 layers of Canadian Maple plus baking paint, adopting leading industry technology and exquisite production technology. It’s has strong compressive strength and it’s too tough to break.

In addition, the Yecoo XJ skateboard uses LG batteries as standard batteries and Samsung batteries as optional. LG (6.6AH) battery and Samsung (6.6AH) can provide 66 amp continuously current. The extended range battery can travel up to 15~20 miles.

What’s more, you will be impressed with this premium electric skateboard’s max range of 20 miles and the top speed of 25mph, which are the largest and highest ones among these four electric skateboard. It is also a good option if you are looking for an entry-level board, which you can use to ride around town or commute to work.


3. Yecoo GT(2IN1) Electric Skateboard - Street, All-Terrain, 2IN1

Cooley GT electric skateboard is a new design we designed to improve performance while paying more attention to details. Switching between street and all-terrain mode is a totally different experience. One of the significant differences between Yecoo GT and Yecoo 2S, Yecoo XJ is that you can do hill climbing from 20% to 30% grade without breaking a sweat, while Yecoo 2S’s hill climbing is only 20%~25% grade and Yecoo XJ’s 25%~30% grade.

It makes use of the solid and safe Canadian maple wood for its deck, which is tenacious enough to bear the weight of 330lbs. Another feature is remarkable as well. Yecoo GT’s 6-inch off-road wheel is made of non-inflatable silicone tires. Soft silica gel material feels so comfortable for cycling that you do not have to worry about the puncture and repair. Yecoo GT is also called urban cross-country vehicle. The 83mm PU wheel is used on flat road, while the 6-inch off-road wheel is used on dirt road, grass road, hill road and mountain road. The wheel replacement can be done quickly in two minutes. If you are a urban cross-country enthusiast, undoubtedly Yecoo GT electric skateboard is your best choice.

You have an assurance of its high amount of power, too, as it works with a max of 2,000 watts. With such power, it reaches speeds of up to 22 miles per hour, which is actually the highest speed that this electric skateboard can reach. It has a 18-mile range but there could be a slight difference depending on the riding mode and style you use. It makes use of a Samsung 8800mAh battery. The charging time takes 2~4hours, because the battery have to make sure to supply enough power for the cross-country journey. Both the battery box and the controller box are made of ABS+PC material with good toughness and high strength. In addition, the Adapter and charger of US, AU or EU plug will be given according to your address.

The controller box is specially equipped with a heat dissipation hole and 5mm thick aluminum heat sink. The heat dissipation effect is better.

Key Features:

  • Anti-seismic 6-inch off-road wheel
  • 20%~30% grade hill climbing
  • 8 layers of Canadian maple wood for deck
  • Top speed reaches 22mph with 2000watts power

4. Yecoo GTS(2IN1) Electric Skateboard - Street, All-Terrain, 2in1

Similarly, Yecoo GTS is also called urban cross-country vehicle. The 83mm PU wheel is used on flat road, while the 6-inch off-road wheel is used on dirt road, grass road, hill road and mountain road. The replacement of wheels can be done quickly in two minutes.

It is worthy mentioning that we use integrated board design, add cool colored lights at the bottom (thumb up for this design), and upgrade more powerful motors for switching between urban road and off-road mode. 2 colorful flashy lights will change their speed and directions as the electric skateboard slides, which is the most attracting in appearance and unique design for skateboard enthusiasts.


For longer distance and expanding the max range, one piece battery box uses 6600mAh capacity to provide strong enough power. We gave our highest-end model Hyper Mode, allowing you to reach a top speed of 25 mph and giving you access to lightning-fast acceleration.


To some off-road enthusiasts, GTS is a perfect choice for them to travel by switching freely between urban mode and cross-country mode. It delivers up to 2,000-watt power, giving you a whole new and unforgettable riding experience. The use of the more powerful motors system in this GTS electric skateboard means that it is capable of accelerating or climbing hills while also giving a smooth braking system, letting you stop completely on your way down.

Key Features:

  • 2 colorful flashy lights, beautiful appearance
  • 20%~30% grade hill climbing
  • Top speed reaches 25mph with 2000watts power
  • High torque, 83mm PU wheel 1:3 deceleration ratio, 6-inch off-road wheel, 1:5 deceleration ratio, strong power
Motor set externally, do not directly contact the ground, no abrasion