Is it new or used electric skateboard - which one suits you better?

Whether you want to get a new electric skateboard, or you wanna buy a used or second-hand electric skateboard? So what are the things you need to think about?

1. Buy a new electric skateboard

Determine the budget

Budgeting is the first thing you should do when looking for a new skateboard. Electric skateboards can be very expensive. Some models can cost as much as $2000, especially if you buy from some of the most respected brands in your industry.

But you can still buy a high-quality skateboard for less than $2000. Many e-skate blogs regularly publish guidelines on how to shop within a budget. Before diving into the market, you should clearly define your budget and decide how much you are willing to spend. You'll get what you need when it comes to electric skateboards. The highest quality boards are often sold at exorbitant prices.

Figure out what you need

Once you’ve figured out what you want to spend, it is important to determine the required functions from the board. The best approach is to figure out how you intend to use the device.

Terrain Capabilities

This shouldn't be hard to spot. What type of ground do you expect to ride regularly? Obviously, off-road driving requires not only cycling within the city, but also different specifications.

An important consideration regarding riding terrain and ground is the type of wheels used in the equipment. Large rubber wheels are best suited for all terrain and rough concrete riding habits. If you plan to avoid rough off-road terrain, use smaller wheels.


Distance is a very simple question. If you're going to ride an electronic skateboard for long periods of time, you'll need a solid battery. This is especially important for commuters. Battery capacity is directly related to device range. The weight of circuit boards and other technical components can also affect the overall range.

Some riders may not need extensions built into their equipment. In addition, you can use a faster charger to compensate for the limited battery capacity.

Top Speed

The biggest factor in the maximum speed of an electronic skateboard is usually its motor. The board's maximum speed should be clearly listed on its website. Note that some boards may sacrifice stability to increase their maximum speed. It is best to look for a flexible deck that provides the maximum speed of an electric long board, but with wheels that reduce shaking and instability.

Specification of electronic skateboard

Battery Capacity

As we explained above, the strength of the battery directly affects the range of the circuit board available. Larger batteries provide greater range, but also increase the cost of the circuit board. Batteries are measured in watt-hours or watts.

Another issue with battery size is that oversized batteries may not be allowed on airplanes. The FDA federally bans air travel with batteries exceeding 160 Wh. Before traveling, you must first remove batteries greater than 100 Wh from the airline.

Drive Train

The term "drive train" refers to the type of motor system used in an electric skateboard. In 2020 electronic whiteboards will use three main types of electric motors: hub, belt and direct. The belt drive system is powerful and can produce a lot of torque and friction. These motors are usually capable of reaching the highest speeds in the electronic plate drive system. But they are also the loudest. You also cannot start most belt drive skateboards.

Hub motors are quieter and more stable than belt drives, but have less torque and power. Hub motors are often less customizable than belt-driven systems. The belt drive allows the rider to switch between different types of wheels, while the hub motor does not allow this.

The direct drive system is still quite new in the field. They function like belt-driven motor systems, but many riders complain that they drive the motors directly against the ground. If debris is kicked into the closed system, it can cause problems.


The weight of the electric skateboard equals its portability. The portability of the board is very important, especially if you are a commuter or someone who often carries the board. The total weight of the circuit board has several factors that you should be able to list clearly on the device's web site.

There are many lightweight boards on the electronic skateboard market. You can also use backpacks, shepard's hooks, or other carrying tools for skateboarding to reduce the impact of weight.


The main thing to remember about wheels is that larger wheels are better suited for off-road or rough terrain.

Too many types of wheels are covered in this short guide.There are many online resources like this that should give you a better idea of the options available for wheels.

To change terrain types and wheel dimensions, consider using a belt-driven motor system. Trucks with relatively large equipment should be better suited to a variety of wheel types.

Customer service

Riders sometimes underestimate the importance of customer service when considering buying a board. Online reviews should give you a good idea of the type of services your company offers.

When your board suffers wear and tear, breakdowns, or other problems, a strong and responsive customer service team really comes into play. A strong customer service team can help you quickly and efficiently repair the whiteboard, especially if you have a long warranty. On the other hand, poor customer service may force you to pay out of pocket for repairs.

Buy a second-hand electric skateboard

Original receipt with date of purchase

Buying a used electric skateboard with the original receipt is the best way to learn about its authenticity and true age. The original receipt is especially important if the circuit board is still under warranty. Buyers looking for an electric skateboard in its current condition should look for a skateboard that is still under the original buyer's original warranty. Having the original receipt increases the value of the scooter, whether or not the warranty is still valid. A board owned by only one owner, and then sold to a second-hand owner, is worth more than its second, third or fourth owner's board.

How Much Was it Used

If you buy an electric skateboard that's been in use for a year, and you use it often, rather than a few times a month ago, it will greatly affect the battery's remaining capacity. How can you see how much it's used? Here are some signs of using an electric skateboard:

  • wear grip strip/replacement grip with recently
  • wheel wear
  • heavy riding on PU/wheel caused minor damage
  • remote hold smoothed down from use
  • non-original replacement parts

The Weight Limit

What is the weight limit of the original board? Properly used, riders who have reached the maximum weight limit should have no problems with the used scooters. If you are a cyclist, near the weight limit, and find that the board seems "too heavy", you may need to replace the board's motor or battery. Electric skateboards should not degrade performance over time - the initial weight limit is still in place, and if the skateboard struggles, it indicates something is fraying or not working properly.

If a board is struggling with your weight (within the weight limit), it may not be in optimal condition.

Max speed

Is it fast enough for you? If you think about how fast you want to go before you ride an electric skateboard. Most skateboards built for adults can travel as fast as an electric bike - fast enough for most riders. If you need a faster board and speed is a key issue, check the original specifications on the skateboard for maximum speed.

The age of the skateboard should not affect its ability to reach or very close to the top speed. If you can't reach maximum speed on the board, there may be some problems on the board.

For drivers who do not need to be that fast, the two-hand board is usually preferred. For many motherboards, older models are just as good, but not as fast. There are two types of riders - school riders who usually don't reach top speed and regular riders who never reach top speed. While electric scooters talk a lot about speed, many riders never reach top speed while enjoying their ride.

One of the most important principles of electric skateboard safety is to stop safely as soon as possible. Cyclists in all kinds of environments find that the safest top speed is still less than the top speed of the circuit board. As with any board game, some riders need to increase their speed, while others need slower, fun-loving rides. Those who don't need or want speed may find plenty of things on the perfect electric skateboard.


Does your second-hand skateboard meet your needs? Is one charge enough for you? If not, is the battery easy to replace and readily available for purchase?

If you are an experienced electric skateboarder, you probably have a good idea of the scope requirements. If you haven't tried electric skateboard yet, it may be more difficult to guess what you need.

Will you use it to go to work/school? In this case, you can calculate the distance and see if the  board can go that far on a single charge. If the range is close to what you need, keep the following points in mind:

  • Uphill/ downhill braking reduces the overall circuit board range
  • Riders with a higher weight limit/ heading towards the upper weight limit will apply more pressure on the board, use more power, and eventually reduce the range
  • Pushing into start, foot braking, and drifting without acceleration or braking can increase the range
  • Some high power boards are designed to have fast switching batteries, so the range can be spoofed - use two batteries to calculate the range (if applicable)
  • Don't just rely on what the seller says - contact the manufacturer based on the model of the skateboard

In Working Order/ Fixable

Who wants to buy a broken electric skateboard? Or is it missing a vital piece? Believe it or not, there is a robust community of electric skateboard makers, DIY lovers and tinkers waiting for such a big deal. When you buy a second-hand electric skateboard, you'll find a nearly new mix of complete electric skateboard that can be rided on a board that looks more like a box of parts.

If you want a skateboard ready to go, choosing a healthy electric skateboard is the best way to get started. If you're an experienced DIYer and want to make a project of it, starting with a disorderly board of directors can be an interesting project. Secondhand electric scooters are available under all conditions, so make sure you can get one if you need one.

What Contains

In order for a skateboard to be usable, you need to include all the parts of the skateboard. Without all the components, you won't be able to test the circuit board, which may be a risk you don't want to take. It's not uncommon for someone to lose or destroy a piece of the board and then want to sell. Do not purchase unfinished workboards unless you are looking for an item.

How do you tell all the components of an electric skateboard?

Please visit the original manufacturer's web site to learn about your circuit boards, their functional requirements, and the products typically purchased, and then compare it to second-hand products. A skateboard lacking an important part, such as a remote control, will not work until you have the part. Getting your new board home without batteries isn't that fun.

Before you buy, please know which board you are buying.

Available arts and accessories

Whether your second-hand board is in perfect condition or you need something, buying a board with enough parts and accessories is a good idea for the best riding experience. There are two problems here - parts and accessories. Experienced electric skateboarders know that parts run out, break, and need to be replaced. Electric skateboards are a complex means of personal transport - the ability to replace damaged parts is crucial.

Accessories are fun, but not necessary. For example, if you buy used Yecoo, know that you can buy all the accessories that perfectly fit your board.

If you want to buy used products, you must be able to buy parts and accessories for electric skateboards. You don't want to buy a skateboard from a company that doesn't exist or that doesn't have a long-term commitment to riders.

Brand Reputation

Everyone likes a good brand, and over time, electric skateboard companies have built a reputation for their products and services. If you see a brand you've never heard of, there may be a reason. As the market for electric skateboard matures, industry leaders like Yecoo are more reliable than novices or winners.

Yecoo is committed to bringing electric skateboards to more people around the world. This is the only thing we have to do, and we are 100% committed to doing our best. You can see our fans on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more like our electric skateboard.


Who doesn't want to have a lot of stuff on an electric skateboard? If you want to save money, buying a used hand can be a great way to buy an electric skateboard that you usually can't afford. But is it worth it?

We took a look at some used electric skateboard and found some amazing deals, but also some amazing fools. Here's an idea of the items you might want to buy on a budget:

Under $100:

  • More than 3 years in the performance committee
  • Performance board (motor, deck) lacking major parts
  • Cheap boards - range less than 10 miles (16kph), speed less than 15 miles (24kph)


$ 100 - $ 300

  • Performance committee for 1-3 years
  • Performance board lacking small parts (remote control, wheels)
  • Lightly used boards


$ 300 +

  • Less than 1 year of performance committee
  • Complete work plate, missing piece
  • Original owner's original receipt
  • Prices range from $300 for budget motherboards to $800+ for luxury models


Whether you buy your new skateboard or your used skateboard, choosing the right  electric skateboard can make a difference to your electric skateboard experience.

Your electric skateboard shopping process starts with figuring out your needs. With a firm grasp of board goals, these tips will help you optimize your search scope and find the ideal board. Before choosing the right board, shop around, do your research and read all available resources.