The Mini electric skateboard is often chosen as a reliable and comfortable way to commute, and can be used to carve and kicktail to bring some fun to the commute. The Mini board's popularity is also helped by the fact that it is lighter and more portable than other longboards, allowing it to be taken anywhere.

Now, Yecoo launched its own comprehensive independent research and development of new products - Yecoo MT electric skateboard, MT is the first mini electric skateboard launched by Yecoo. Next, I will introduce this new product to you in detail.


What You should Know About MT Electric Skateboard

If you're looking for a mini electric skateboard that's light and easy to carry around for commuting or entertaining, the Yecoo MT electric skateboard might be for you.

The Yecoo MT is 33.5 inches long and 10.4 inches wide with a maximum load of 330 pounds. It's made of 8 layers of maple, so it's hard like brick, and the bending of the board is absolutely zero. But that's a good thing. You don't particularly want the short board to have too much flexibility. Especially if the battery housing runs directly below it. It's a wide deck, and no matter how big or small your feet are, you'll still feel comfortable on this electric skateboard.




Yecoo MT electric skateboard has a kicktail, like all mini skateboards. It's a nice and comfortable angle, perfect for checking corners, falling off ledges, and definitely for a decent skater to play on.

What is more, it's super light. It weighs only 17.6 pounds (8 kilograms). It's very easy to carry and fits perfectly with any good skateboard backpack.

With this board, you can go up to 15 miles at 25 MPH, thanks to two high-performance 540W motors. The Yecoo MT also allows for 30% hill climbing, which is remarkable for a mini electric skateboard. You can ride like a traditional skateboard in case the battery dies. Besides, waterproofing is no problem, as the board's control box and battery box are fully sealed (of course, this doesn't mean you're advised to go into puddles).


What’s the selling point here?

Lightweight and portable

Yecoo MT has 90mm 82A wheels and they're great! They're really soft, absorb a lot of vibration and feel great to ride. The rubber on the PU bushing around the motor is very thick. This is rare in current mini electric skateboards, it's worth having.

High speed

Yecoo MT electric skateboard can reach top speeds of 25 MPH. In fact, will most people use the top speed? No! 25 miles per hour on the longboard is good enough, let alone the mini. This is because speed fluctuations are more likely to occur at high speeds, and a shorter deck significantly reduces overall balance. The speed of MT will not disappoint you.



New ESC and new motor

Acceleration and braking are silent and smooth, but it's not a slow curve either. It still picked up speed.

With its dual 540-watt hub motors, the Yecoo MT has enough power to help you climb any ride you'll actually encounter. As it nears the end of its battery life, the battery drops, even if it's under 20%, but there's still enough juice to get you going, just like any regular skateboard.

Built-in nut

Not only does not affect the aesthetics of the slide, but also convenient to remove the battery box and the controller box.  


The controller and battery box is fully closed. The unique thing about the board is that you can take it out even when it rains. On the back of the Yecoo MT electric skateboard, there is respectively sealed with an extra cover to increase the waterproof performance, which means you can enjoy a smooth ride even in wet weather conditions. 




Anyway, the Yecoo MT electric skateboard is definitely the best choice for you. The other thing to notice is, if you are a beginner, we recommend that you wear full protective gear until you have better control of your electric skateboard. And always start at a low speed, increasing your speed only as you get more comfortable.