Electric skateboards are wonderful toys. As the one of the most convenient alternatives to expensive cars or crowded public transport, they are popular with young people. Unlike normal e-skateboards, they won't make you sweat. You can easily slide and be unimpeded.

A better commute might make someone happier and more satisfied. Clearly, finding a way to make your morning commute more fun and bearable is a worthwhile undertaking. Just think of how much funner labor would be if it started with an exciting ride through the streets each morning. Commuting on an electric skateboard c an turn it from a daily routine into a pleasant workday.

A dizzying variety of electric skateboards makes it harder to pick than you might think. In fact, there aren't many brands to choose from, and it's not always clear why some boards cost more than others. So let's clear the air and take a look at some of the best and safest electric skateboards available today.


Best Electric Skateboards for Commuting

Yecoo GT3

The Yecoo GT3 electric skateboard does a good job for most commuters. It's reasonably priced at $799, has an impressive top speed (25 mph) and a respectable range (22 miles). Making it one of the cheaper options available for its level. The silicone 150mm or 90mm PU wheels of the Yecoo GT3 are sufficient to handle most terrain and suitable for any rider. You can rest assured that the GT3's wheels are the best all-around choice for handling and comfort. Comfort is important on a daily long ride, and the Yecoo GT3's big wheels certainly did.



Yecoo MT

The Yecoo MT board is a strong all-round mini electric skateboard. It can reach speeds of up to 25 mph and offers an impressive 15-mile range. 8-layer maple deck provide a strong board with excellent quality. The 17.6-lbs lightweight board has a maxload of 330 pounds, which is more than most similar eboards can carry. Price at $499 is also cheap than other ones, so employees who plan to get a budget may be interested in the Yecoo MT electic skateboard. 



What to Look for When Buying Electric Skateboards for Commuting?



Undoubtedly that e-skateboards are expensive than boards. The price of many popular eboards may discourage new riders from buying their first device. However, many options still exist for riders looking to get a quality board without breaking the bank. Particularly the Yecoo MT is pretty cheap at a price of less than $500. Users who really want an efficient commute may consider the more expensive electric skateboard. They argue that the more expensive boards come with better quality, and that the savings from a solid board will offset much of the initial cost. But that is no longer necessary. We can get our hands on a well-made commuter skateboard for a fraction of the price. 




When it comes to consider commuting on an electric skateboard, several factors are clearly important. But for most riders, the most important thing is undoubtedly RANGE. Without adequate range support, your electric skateboard may not get you to work on time. Or you go to an important meeting and your skateboard strikes on the way, It would be a disaster. Therefore, it is best to find an electric skateboard with enough range for commuting.



Wheel size is another quite important element in determining the commuting capacity of the board. If your wheels are too small, you will feel uncomfortable when the board shacks around  unstable and shifting terrain. In general, large rubber wheels are the best way to get around the city. As the terrain changes, your wheels roll over tracks, concrete and sidewalks. Having strong and large wheels can be a huge asset.

Because belt motors offer riders the opportunity to use different and larger wheels, they are generally preferable to hub motors. You have a little wiggle room here. It is possible to have a high quality electric skateboard commuter using a dual hub motor. But for mid-level riders who want to use electronic boards for their daily commutes, the versatility offered by belt motors is a top choice. For example, Yecoo GT3.




The optimal weight for a commuter's electric skateboard really depends on personal preference. If your commute requires you to carry or tow a skateboard for an extended period of time, it's usually best to find a lightweight board. If the board is a little too heavy to carry around, don't worry. There are still ways to make your electric skateboard commute easier. The e-board industry is full of technologies and gadgets that make it easier for skateboarders to transport their boards. For most riders, the classic option is to purchase an electric skateboard bag. Also, if you have a deck hook, any normal backpack can be turned into an electric skateboard backpack.


Are Electric Skateboards Good for Commuting?

For most workers, the quality of the morning commute has a significant impact on overall well-being. With high-quality electric skateboards, you can shuttle back and forth on your way to work, carving hills and having fun. It's no secret that commuting is one of the dreaded parts of the workday. The obvious benefit of skateboard commuting can greatly increase your job satisfaction and happiness.

are electric skateboards good for commuting

Unlike other motor vehicles, electric skateboards aren’t as easily stopped by traffic on the roads. Some boards on the market today can reach incredible speeds of 25 miles per hour or more. Especially if you live in a city with a lot of commuters. With a versatile, maneuverable skateboard, you may be able to fly without a care in the heavy traffic. For many riders, that means a little extra sleep in the morning. For others, it dosen't need to take the guesswork of daily traffic anymore. In any case, a solid electric skateboard in the hands of a competent rider can make commutes more durable and easier.

One oft-underestimated benefit of electric skateboarding is that it can help you expand your circle and make new friends. Electric skateboarders are bonded by a common passion. And perhaps even more important to your work environment, commuting on an electric skateboard is a great conversation starter.

The vast amount of gasoline consumed by most motor vehicles. The burning of fossil fuels is gradually releasing more and more CO2 into the atmosphere, exacerbating climate change and environmental damage. These problems persist even if you just use public transport. However, electric skateboards can help reduce fossil fuel consumption.


Is Commuting on an Electric Skateboard Dangerous?

Commuting on an electric skateboard is not actually dangerous, but it's not completely safe either.

commuting on an electric skateboard

Because some of these electric skateboards can reach very high speeds, collisions can be dangerous or even fatal without proper safety equipment. General safety advice applies to electric skateboarders who commute using a skateboard. Check equipment for problems or malfunctions before leaving the house, and wear safety equipment such as helmets, knee and elbow pads.

Fortunately, staying safe on your commute is mostly a matter of common sense. When you ride an electric skateboard, be sure to obey the relevant traffic laws. Stop at stop signs, slow down for pedestrians, and try to avoid weaving unnecessarily in and out of traffic. For most states, electric skateboarders should follow traffic rather than go the wrong way. But be sure to clarify your local laws and recommendations.


Do Electric Skateboards Have Brakes?

ride to work

Of course, electric skateboards have brakes.

Boards can reach 25 miles per hour or faster. There's no much sense to go at that speed when nothing can stop you. In fact, if that were the case, riders would be injured and there would be a lot of lawsuits against e-board manufacturers.

Electric skateboards primarily use the regenerative braking system. As the name says, regenerative braking is a one of the methods that slows down your skateboard. This is similar to dynamic braking, the difference is that it redirects electricity directly into the battery, allowing it to recharge.

Some boards using dynamic and regenerative braking will beep shortly before the brakes cut out. However, this can still cause problems for inexperienced riders, as it can still cause those riders to fall off the board, when you have to brake. For this reason, in order to prevent accidents, it is very important that e-skateboard riders have foot braking skills at all speeds of e-skateboard driving.


Is It Bad to Overcharge Your Electric Skateboard?


Overcharging the battery causes an excess of gas - the electrolyte heats up, producing both hydrogen and oxygen. On older exhaust batteries, the electrolyte could cook away, exposing and damaging the plates. On sealed batteries, the buildup of gas may cause the battery to explode.

For electric skateboards, overcharging is not a trivial matter. Violent chemical reactions occur, and the undesirable result is natural explosions.

Ordinary knowledge also tells us that it is best to keep the battery at room temperature and dry place, whether nickel-metal hydride batteries or lithium batteries are the same. In order to avoid the above accidents, we must also try to avoid overcharging the electric skateboard.


How to Maintain an Electric Skateboard?


Even if you're used to commuting on an electric skateboard, remember to avoid extreme weather conditions. As any batteries will be weaker in too hot or too cold temperatures.

Maintaining your electric skateboard is important to improve your commute. Use your e-board  on a full charge if possible. In order to avoid running out of battery power before the next charge. Keep the board in an enclosed area when not in use. Ensure storage areas are protected from any sources of moisture.

Battery maintenance is more important. Before your ride to work, to fully charge the skateboard. Even if you don't use the battery for a few months, charge it every 20 days better.

In terms of cleaning the electric skateboard, remember to check carefully that the electric skateboard is turned off and unplugged. Make sure that any electronic ports are closed. Also, use a slightly wet fabric when cleaning decks and system housings.

Last but not least, check the parts of your board frequently to prevent accidents while commuting. Always check the trucks for tightness to prevent loose screws or bolts. Lubricate the pivot cup and bushing regularly to prevent squeaking. If the wheels and sleeves are weared, it is best to replace them immediately.




Commuting on an electric skateboard could help you to save money in several ways. Most notably, you'll save a lot of money on gas to drive. Even if you commute just a few miles in the city each day, it can cost you hundreds of dollars a month on gas. Although employees who take public transportation to work every day don't spend much money. Those who commuting on an electric skateboard can still save by not having to pay everyday. The initial outlay of buying a board may still be expensive. For this reason, we recommend that are relatively inexpensive - Yecoo MT.

To make their morning commutes a little more bearable, a growing number of commuters are turning to electric skateboards. And it is not hard to see why. Comfort is very important. It depends on the deck and the wheels. As you fly through the city with the Yecoo GT3 to work, you'll remember its solid range, big wheels, and comfortable surface.

In one sentence, the right electric skateboard can make your commute life a lot more colorful.